Espace: The Iconic Family Car from Renault

When it comes to family cars, the Renault Espace has always stood out for its unique design and practicality. However, there has been some confusion among car enthusiasts about whether Renault still manufactures the Espace. In this blog post, we’ll explore the history of the Renault Espace and whether it is still in production.

History of the Renault Espace

In 1984, Renault launched the first-ever MPV or multi-purpose vehicle – The Espace. It was jointly developed by Matra and Renault and marked a turning point in automotive history. The original Espace had a wedge-shaped body that was a radical departure from conventional boxy MPVs of that era. It also boasted numerous features that were groundbreaking at that time, such as flexible seating arrangements, removable seats, and large windows.

The first generation of the Espace continued to be produced until 1991 before getting replaced by the second generation model. Over time, the car became more refined and luxurious with each new iteration. The third-generation model was introduced in 1997 with a completely redesigned exterior and an updated interior. By this time, the car had established itself globally as one of the most popular MPVs on the market.

Evolution of the Renault Espace

Renault continued to produce new versions of the Espace every few years with significant updates and redesigns along with new features. In 2002, they launched a fourth-generation model which incorporated significant technological advancements such as GPS navigation systems and electronic stability control.

The fifth-generation model came out in 2015 after a long gap since its last release in 2003. This new version featured a sleeker design language with subtle curves replacing sharp angles on its exterior while retaining its signature spacious cabin.

Is The Renault Espace Still Produced?

So, does Renault still make Espace? Yes! Despite rumors of its discontinuation, Renault still produces the Espace. The latest sixth-generation model was launched in 2020, with even more advanced features and a sleek design language to keep up with evolving market trends.

The new Espace features an updated exterior that has been tweaked to look more modern and refined. There are also several new tech features such as adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and blind-spot monitoring which make driving the car much safer.

Espace: The Iconic Family Car from Renault

Espace: The Iconic Family Car from Renault
Espace: The Iconic Family Car from Renault

The Renault Espace is a true icon in the world of multi-purpose vehicles. It has come a long way since its inception in 1984 and continues to be one of the most popular cars for families around the world. Despite rumors about its discontinuation, Renault still produces the Espace, and the latest version is better than ever before.

Whether you’re looking for a spacious family vehicle or just appreciate innovative car designs, the Renault Espace is definitely worth considering.

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