Review: BMW iX2 – Performance, Design, and Features Analyzed

The BMW iX2 aims to capture attention with its bold styling and claims to counter the decreasing human attention span. It comes in two power outputs: the front-wheel-drive eDrive20 (201bhp, 0-62mph in 8.6 seconds), and the all-wheel-drive xDrive30 (308bhp, 0-62mph in 5.6 seconds), both using a 64.8kWh battery. However, the iX2’s range (267-283 miles) falls short compared to competitors like the Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron and Volvo C40. The ride can be uncomfortable on rough surfaces but performs well in handling. The interior offers good tech features but is less luxurious than rivals. Practicality is decent but hindered by limited rear visibility and middle rear legroom. The iX2 is well-equipped but offers only one trim level.

Get Up Close and Personal with the BMW iX2


Hey there, car enthusiasts! Today, we’re taking a closer look at the BMW iX2—a car that could seriously counter the believed decrease in human attention spans. With its eye-catching design featuring a chunky SUV body, sleek coupe-like roof, and a front grille resembling flared nostrils, it stands out, regardless of personal preference. So, if you’re torn between this and the more traditional-looking BMW iX1, you might want to continue reading.

Performance and Drive

What It’s Like to Drive and How Quiet It Is

The BMW iX2 comes with two power options:

  • eDrive20: Generates 201bhp, sending power to the front wheels, and can go from 0–62mph in 8.6 seconds.
  • xDrive30: Offers a hefty 308bhp and shortens the 0–62mph time to just 5.6 seconds with four-wheel drive.

Each variant carries a 64.8kWh battery (usable capacity) with:

  • eDrive20: A reported range of up to 283 miles.
  • xDrive30: Officially manages around 267 miles.

Comparatively, the Volvo C40 offers a better range of about 294 miles, and the Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron 45 can reach approximately 330 miles. While the iX2 may not excel in range, its agility in cornering and decent grip levels make it quite enjoyable to drive, especially in fast corners.

Driving Highlights

  • Strengths: Agile handling, precise steering, and impressive acceleration in the xDrive30.
  • Weaknesses: Firm ride, noticeable road noise, and steering that lacks responsiveness.


The Arrangement, Fit, and Finish

Inside the BMW iX2, you’d find a driving position that’s well-thought-out with ample adjustability for both the steering wheel and seats. Although the electric seat adjustment, which includes lumbar support, is optional, the standard sport seats provide substantial lateral support.

Visibility is decent from the front, thanks to thin front block pillars. However, the rear view is a bit compromised due to small side windows and thick rear pillars. Standard features include front and rear parking sensors and a rear camera. A 360-degree camera is an optional extra.

Infotainment and Controls

The infotainment setup consists of a 10.3-inch digital instrument panel and a 10.7-inch touchscreen. It’s responsive, with sharp graphics and larger icons for easy operation. It includes features like sat-nav, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and even apps for arcade games and video streaming. However, the touch-sensitive climate controls can be less intuitive compared to physical controls found in competitors like the Q4 Sportback.

Internal Overview

  • Strengths: Solid driving position, responsive infotainment system with extensive features.
  • Weaknesses: Rear visibility, lack of physical air conditioning controls, and extra cost for adjustable lumbar support.

Space and Practicality

How it Handles Passengers and Cargo

The BMW iX2 accommodates passengers comfortably with ample head, leg, and elbow room. Storage options include deep cup holders, a covered center armrest, and additional trays.

Rear passengers enjoy better headroom than in the Volvo C40 but might struggle with foot space due to the higher floor. The rear seat also reclines for a more comfortable ride, a feature absent in both the Audi Q4 and Volvo C40. However, any middle rear passenger should prepare for less legroom due to the central floor hump.

Cargo-wise, the iX2’s 525-litre boot offers practical space though it’s a bit less than both the petrol variant and the Enyaq Coupé. The boot floor isn’t adjustable, but it does have storage space for charging cables and a power tailgate for convenience.

Practicality Overview

  • Strengths: Good legroom, decent boot size, reclining rear backrests.
  • Weaknesses: Limited legroom for the middle rear passenger due to the floor hump.

Buying and Owning

Costs, Reliability, and Safety

Price-wise, the BMW iX2 sits above the iX1, matching closely with the Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron 45 and is slightly higher than the Volvo C40 in entry-level trims. The xDrive30 variant may cost significantly more, but both iX2 options fall within the lowest benefit-in-kind (BIK) tax bracket, making them appealing for company car drivers.

BMW offers a three-year/unlimited-mile warranty, and the battery carries an eight-year/100,000-mile warranty. Safety-wise, every iX2 includes automatic emergency braking and ample airbags, with additional safety features available in the higher-tier packages.

Buying and Owning Overview

  • Strengths: Well-equipped, relatively affordable compared to iX1.
  • Weaknesses: Limited to one trim level, moderate standard safety gear, and charging speed that doesn’t outshine competitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Is the Range of the BMW iX2?

    • Depending on the version you go for, the iX2 can officially travel up to 267–283 miles.
  2. Where Is the BMW iX2 Built?
    • The iX2 is built in Regensburg, Germany.

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