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Top 10 Best luxor cars in the world 2023

Navigating the automotive market can be challenging for road testers, especially in a segment where value is not the primary qualifier like in other segments. Instead, status, exclusivity, and uniqueness are highly valued, even if it means doubling the price. In this particular segment, passenger luxury is paramount, and the driving experience may not be a top priority for the owner. These cars are meant to be admired, traveled in, owned, and inhabited, rather than always being operated firsthand. Welcome to the exclusive realm of super-luxury cars, and here are Autocar’s top-rated examples. Here are the top 10 luxury cars in the world for 2023:

In the past, the limousines in this class were typically equipped with silent V8 and V12 engines, which were considered dominant. However, the landscape has changed, and even the super-luxury cars are not behind in this aspect anymore. While the majority of options available to the world’s wealthiest individuals still consist of petrol engines, hybrid and electric vehicles are gradually making their way into this market. In 2023, money may have once granted you the luxury of disregarding public opinion, but even the top 1% cannot afford to appear completely disconnected from reality.

Apart from the shift towards electric vehicles, a few of the contenders in this category are not just large limousine saloons that make average houses seem small. In fact, there are one or two SUVs that are both modest and highly desirable, making the cut. This is because high-end SUVs offer the advantage of accessing places that two-wheel-drive limousines cannot, and they also cater to new and exciting lifestyle activities. If you seek the epitome of luxury, sophistication, a sense of occasion, and elevated status in your choice of vehicle, then this is the niche you should consider. It’s important to note that none of these cars come with a price tag below six figures, and some may even cost seven figures. For regular customers in the super-luxury class, being unable to customize their car at an additional cost would be a major turn-off.

1. Rolls-Royce Phantom

In 2017, Rolls-Royce introduced the replacement for the most luxurious and prestigious vehicle in the world of automobiles. Shortly after, our team of road testers gave it a glowing five-star road test review. The Phantom received some subtle design and equipment updates in 2022, and we are excited to test the updated version very soon. Owners will undoubtedly appreciate the car not only for its extravagant display of wealth and status, but also for the unparalleled sense of occasion it provides while traveling. It is worth noting that the latest Phantom is not only a symbol of opulence, but also a pleasure to drive. Its exceptional comfort and isolating ride can be experienced from the back seats, offering a unique sensation that cannot be found in any other car. The ride is smooth, quiet, and indulgent, despite the use of Rolls-Royce’s advanced run-flat tire technology. The Phantom is available in both standard and extended-wheelbase variants, with the latter being an impressive display of wealth due to its nearly six-meter length.

Top 10 best super-luxury cars 2023 Rolls-Royce Phantom
Top 10 best super-luxury cars 2023

The car’s large-rimmed steering wheel, which has been made even thicker as part of the latest facelift, offers a remarkable precision feel and perfect weight. Placing such a huge car on the road is incredibly easy, and it has a great tolerance for different rates of progress depending on your trip. The V12 engine is supremely refined and flexible, and the throttle pedal offers a progressive response when starting off. Despite weighing nearly three tonnes, this car can accelerate faster than the last Ford Focus RS, going from 0-100mph and 30-70mph through the gears. The engineering integrity of this car is truly breathtaking. The latest version stands out with its new headlights, wheel designs, illuminated pantheon radiator grille, and optional dark chrome body trim.

2. Rolls-Royce Ghost

When the Ghost made its debut in 2009, it marked a significant turning point for Rolls-Royce. This marked the start of a transformation that would greatly impact the company’s annual production levels.

Rolls-Royce Ghost

The Phantom’s successor, the Ghost, has undergone significant advancements in its second generation. While the Ghost previously borrowed its mechanical foundation from the BMW 7 Series, it now shares the same Architecture of Luxury platform as the Phantom and the Cullinan SUV. Notable innovations include Rolls-Royce’s mass dampers for the front suspension and an active anti-roll bar for the rear axle. These enhancements contribute to a ride quality that is closer than ever to that of the Phantom.

However, while the Phantom is primarily designed for passengers, the Ghost was created to cater to the affluent driver, and its dynamic nature reflects this purpose. With a slightly firmer ride and enhanced agility, thanks in part to its more compact size, the Ghost is better suited for navigating the congested roads of the UK on a daily basis compared to its larger counterpart. Despite its smaller stature, the Ghost still offers ample interior space, a luxurious atmosphere, and exceptional material quality. It adopts Rolls-Royce’s new ‘post-opulence’ design both inside and out, positioning it just slightly below its larger sibling. The Ghost is like a modern fortress on wheels, but one that remains practical and functional.

3. Bentley Flying Spur

In 2006, Bentley introduced the Continental Flying Spur as a four-door limousine. However, in 2014, during its biggest model overhaul to date, the nomenclative prefix that connected it to the Continental GT was dropped. Now in its third generation, the Flying Spur has a more distinct appearance compared to the related two-door coupé, featuring a prouder and more muscular design. This luxurious saloon from Crewe has also benefited greatly from a new platform, co-developed with Porsche, which includes four-wheel steering and active anti-roll bars.

Bentley Flying Spur
Bentley Flying Spur

As a result, the car offers improved grip, balance, and steering, enhancing its driving dynamics. The fantastically opulent cabin is better insulated from road noise, thanks to the new platform. Under the hood, you’ll find the same impressive 6.0-litre twin-turbo W12 engine that produces 626bhp and offers abundant torque. With this power, the car can accelerate from 0 to 62mph in under 4.0 seconds and achieve a top speed of over 200mph. However, Bentley also offers versions of the Flying Spur equipped with a lighter and more freely revving V8 engine, as well as a six-cylinder plug-in hybrid powertrain. The hybrid system is particularly well-suited for the large Bentley, providing near-silent progress in EV mode and creating a serene driving experience. When the V6 engine kicks in, the car offers impressive acceleration comparable to the V8, although it lacks the same character. Overall, the Flying Spur has never felt so complete and is fully capable of delivering a supersonic luxury driving experience. Much of its success can be attributed to its cabin, which despite being Bentley’s entry-level limousine, offers a genuinely luxurious ambiance. The interior is adorned with soft, beautifully stitched leathers, authentic natural veneers, and eye-catching metal brightwork that is both visually appealing and tactile.

4. BMW i7

Introducing the BMW i7, the first electric 7 Series that represents a significant leap into the future for the BMW limousine. While its rugged street style may not match the refined elegance of other cars on this list, there is no denying its status as a luxury vehicle. With lavish and sophisticated interiors, as well as on-board technology options that surpass those offered by Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and Tesla, the i7 is currently the leading luxury electric vehicle.

BMW i7
BMW i7

The car was launched in early 2023 in the xDrive60 form, featuring dual-motor and four-wheel drive, producing just over 500bhp. It is equipped with a battery capacity of slightly over 100kWh, allowing for a real-world cruising range of just under 300 miles, as confirmed in our road test. The i7 also boasts impressive DC rapid-charging capability, averaging close to 150kW during a typical rapid charge.

Similar to all versions of the G70-generation 7 Series, the i7 is exclusively available in long-wheelbase form, providing ample space for rear passengers to lounge comfortably. The Executive Seating option offered by BMW allows for reclining seats reminiscent of sleeping seats. Additionally, a 31-inch Theatre Screen touchscreen can be installed, which folds down from the car’s roof, providing a unique and immersive streaming media experience for rear passengers.

The i7 features an air-suspended chassis with four-wheel steering and active anti-roll bars, ensuring a quiet and isolated ride that feels exceptionally stable at high speeds. Moreover, this combination also allows the car to handle with a level of poise and balance uncommon for vehicles of its size but typical of BMW’s performance.

Despite having a somewhat disappointing electric range and polarizing aesthetics, there is no denying that this car stands out as one of the finest luxury electric vehicles currently available in the market.

5. Mercedes-Maybach S-Class

The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is undeniably the most luxurious and prestigious car in its renowned limousine range. It serves as the modern representation of Daimler’s Maybach brand, which is highly regarded and respected worldwide. At first glance, one might mistake it for an S-Class rather than a Maybach, and this is the intentional result of Daimler’s strategic decision to expand the Maybach line by creating exceptional Maybach models within its regular Mercedes car ranges. Consequently, the exclusive and rare Maybach-only limousines, such as the 57 and 62 models favored by Simon Cowell, are now part of history.

While some may consider the fact that the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is “only” an S-Class as both its greatest strength and its potential weakness, it cannot be denied that being part of the S-Class family grants it access to advanced active suspension and driver assistance technologies. This, in turn, contributes to its exceptional refinement, opulence, and comfort. Although it may not possess the same curb appeal as a Rolls-Royce or Bentley, its S-Class heritage ensures a level of sophistication that is unmatched.

Notably, the flagship S650 model boasts a remarkable 603bhp twin-turbocharged petrol V12 engine (although the UK market will also offer the 496bhp 4.0-liter V8 S580). Despite its impressive power, the engine operates virtually silently, emphasizing the car’s dedication to providing a comfortable and well-mannered ride. With an additional 18cm of length compared to even the long-wheelbase version of the standard S-Class, passengers of all heights can expect an abundance of space and legroom.

6. Rolls-Royce Cullinan

In 2018, Goodwood introduced a new addition to the super-luxury segment based on feedback from Rolls-Royce customers. They expressed a desire for a more practical and versatile model that could be used daily and accommodate families. The Cullinan, however, has faced criticism for its design, with some describing it as awkward and unattractive.

Despite this, Rolls-Royce’s market research indicates that the car is likely to be a commercial success, as evidenced by a year’s worth of confirmed orders. While opinions on the car may vary, there are many aspects to appreciate about the Cullinan. It embodies the true essence of a Rolls-Royce, offering exceptional mechanical refinement, impeccable ride comfort, and excellent drivability. With its height-adjustable air suspension and four-wheel drive system derived from BMW, the Cullinan provides ample off-road capability for most owners. Additionally, its towing capacity is set to increase from 2.6 tonnes to 3.5 tonnes in the near future, making it suitable for towing a high-end speedboat.

7. Bentley Bentayga

The Bentayga’s journey through the Autocar road test evaluation process has been eventful. It was the first in a series of super-SUVs priced at over £100,000 to hit the market in 2016. Initially, we rated it highly with a few reservations when it had a W12 engine. However, our rating went even higher when Bentley introduced a 4.0-liter turbocharged diesel V8 sourced from Audi in 2017. This diesel engine produced the same amount of torque as the petrol engine but at lower speeds. Unfortunately, in 2018, due to the negative sentiment surrounding diesel engines, Bentley decided to stop selling the Bentayga Diesel in Europe. This was a disappointment for us as we considered it the definitive version of the car. In the same year, Bentley introduced a V8 petrol model and in 2019, a plug-in hybrid version became available. The range was updated for 2020 and now includes the Speed edition, a W12-powered model with 626bhp priced at £188,030.

The Bentayga stands out in its class with its luxurious interior, powerful performance, and enveloping sense of luxury. These qualities may even win over those who were initially skeptical about owning a high-end SUV. While it may not be as comfortable or isolated as the Cullinan, it offers a slightly more sporty driving experience without sacrificing too much in terms of ride comfort. There are occasional hints of head toss and slight fussiness over certain bumps at high speeds, but for most luxury car enthusiasts, these nuances may go unnoticed.

8. Range Rover

The latest iteration of the original luxury SUV, now in its fifth generation, is undeniably the best one yet. While the Range Rover’s appearance has evolved from its predecessor, it remains an imposing vehicle, with stylish details like the slim tail-lights adding visual interest. Beneath the surface, it boasts the brand’s aluminium MLA-Flex architecture and offers a variety of engine options, including mild-hybrid petrols and diesels, a plug-in hybrid, and a BMW-sourced 523bhp 4.4-litre V8 petrol for ultimate performance and luxury. Regardless of the engine chosen, the Range Rover’s interior is more spacious and opulent than ever. The combination of modern design and technology with the timeless use of wood and leather creates an exclusive atmosphere that justifies its price tag, which now begins in the six-figure range. Refinement and comfort are exceptional as well, with a smooth and comfortable ride that isolates wind, road, and engine noise effectively.

While passengers will appreciate the luxurious qualities of the Range Rover, the driver will arguably have an even better experience. Despite its large size, the Range Rover is easy to maneuver on the road due to excellent visibility and precise steering. The optional steered rear axle adds surprising agility in tight spaces. With active anti-roll bars, the car handles with impressive stability and responsiveness when driven enthusiastically. Additionally, no other competitor can match its off-road capabilities. After nearly half a century since its groundbreaking debut, the iconic Range Rover continues to deliver on its promises.

9. BMW iX

The emergence of electric super-luxury cars that possess exceptional performance, refinement, and versatility on the road has been a slow process. However, the BMW iX demonstrates how it can be achieved successfully. The exterior design of this full-sized SUV may be divisive, and some may not find it desirable at all. Nevertheless, for those who carefully consider the electric vehicle they wish to own, prioritize sustainability in terms of materials and production processes, and appreciate the appeal of a high-end car, the iX stands out for numerous reasons.

Notably, this car features environmentally friendly olive-tanned leather, lightweight electrically excited motors that eliminate the need for heavy magnets, and responsibly sourced metals for its drive battery from North Africa and Australia. It comes in various versions, with the iX xDrive50 being a middle-sitting option that boasts over 500bhp, four-wheel drive, and a range of over 300 miles as advertised. Moreover, there is the impressive M60 version, offering 600bhp.

On the road, the iX truly impresses with its superior ride isolation and drivability. It competes on equal terms with other cars in its class, despite being considerably more affordable than many of them. If you are ready to electrify the symbol of status on your gravel driveway, the iX is an excellent choice.

10. Mercedes-Benz EQS

Mercedes has made a bold entrance into the luxury electric vehicle sedan market with its sleek and stylish design. The option to choose a powerful dual-motor powertrain with 751bhp certainly grabs attention. With a large 107.8kWh battery, this car has the endurance needed for long-distance travel, boasting a claimed range of over 350 miles. The interior is spacious, although it may not match the high-grade fixtures and fittings of the S-Class. However, the impressive Hyperscreen digital dashboard option creates a lasting impression, despite its slightly challenging navigation. The performance of this vehicle is truly astonishing, even in the ‘lesser’ 649bhp version we tested. It can accelerate from 0-60mph in just 3.6 seconds and achieve an impressive 30-70mph in 2.8 seconds. When driving at high speeds, the car remains refined and comfortable, with low noise levels and a smooth, air-suspended ride.

Interestingly, despite its luxurious features, the car’s smoothness at low speeds is inconsistent and the suspension can be heard working as it moves over uneven city terrain. Although it is exceptionally fast in a straight line and handles well around corners, there is limited adjustability and feedback for the driver; essentially, you just point and accelerate. In terms of luxury electric vehicles, the EQS is a commendable initial attempt, but it falls short of providing the serene opulence that the S-Class is known for. Furthermore, considering that it doesn’t offer a truly satisfying driving experience in the traditional sense, it is more practical to opt for the entry-level 450+ version rather than the pseudo-sporty AMG trim.


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