Detailed review of Volkswagen Viloran 2024: Luxurious design, classy equipment and smooth, economical operation

The MPV segment always has a certain place in Vietnam even though there are not as many choices as the SUV and CUV segments. In addition to the diversity of the popular segment with the second best-selling car models in the market, the high-end MPV segment in 2023 will see many new names that attract the attention of Vietnamese customers such as Hyundai Custin, generation Toyota Innova Cross. new.

And Volkswagen Viloran is the latest MPV line to join the high-end segment, targeting business, business and multi-generational family customers. This is a group of high-end customers, whose needs exceed the ability to meet the national MPV line Kia Carnival, while the market is too short of options.

Detailed review of Volkswagen Viloran 2024: Luxurious design, classy equipment and smooth, economical operation
Detailed review of Volkswagen Viloran 2024: Luxurious design, classy equipment and smooth, economical operation


Despite its neat and balanced appearance, the 2024 Volkswagen Viloran is actually quite large in size, on par with many Minivan lines such as Mercedes -Benz V-Class, Kia Carnival or Peugeot Traveler .

The LxWxH parameters of the Volkswagen Viloran 2024 are 5,346 x 1,976 x 1,781 (mm), respectively. Even Viloran 2024 has the longest length among the Minivans available in the Vietnamese market. This promises to bring extremely spacious interior space for all 3 rows of seats.

In addition, a wheelbase of up to 3,180 mm also helps the Volkswagen Viloran 2024 have extremely comfortable space between rows of seats, providing ample legroom. However, in return for its large size is its limited ability to maneuver in narrow spaces. This makes it quite difficult for Volkswagen Viloran drivers to drive in and out of parking lots of buildings, or in apartment complexes in large cities in Vietnam.

Overall, the Volkswagen Viloran 2024 has a different design compared to many competitors in Vietnam. The German car company gives this car a classy, ​​luxurious and noble outfit, instead of following the recent trend of hybrid SUV style, or the traditional VAN style. Therefore, the Volkswagen Viloran 2024 easily makes an impression on people at first sight.

Car front

The clear impression that helps identify the Volkswagen Viloran 2024 is the prominent chrome-plated grille cluster with horizontal spokes creating a V-line shape typical of the VW brand. This is an identifying design that the German car company has applied on many other car models such as Teramont, Touareg or Tiguan in recent years.

Adjacent to the aggressive steering wheel, extending most of the front of the car, is a horizontal headlight cluster with a slim design. The Premium version only comes standard with LED headlights with automatic on/off sensor, automatic height adjustment and integrated LED daytime running lights. In addition, the standard headlights also include advanced navigation lights and welcome lights.

Meanwhile, the more advanced Luxury version with IQ.Light headlights, uses 2 Projector lenses with integrated active beam angle extension lights and adaptive high beam lights. The active beam angle extension function provides a wider field of view, while the adaptive high beam function automatically turns off part of the high beam on the corresponding side or turns off high beam mode and switches to low beam. , helps reduce glare for oncoming drivers or vehicles in front. In addition, the high beam function also automatically turns off when moving through well-lit areas, or the width of the light beam can be adjusted according to speed.

In addition to the above details, the Volkswagen Viloran 2024 also has a strong hood with embossed V-shaped lines, in sync with the grille cluster. In particular, the hood is designed to be short and low forward, limiting blind spots and expanding visibility for the driver.

Vehicle body

Seen from the side, the 2024 Volkswagen Viloran has a much softer body than the recently launched MPV or Minivan lines. The A-pillar is extended further to the rear, combining quite harmoniously with the tilt angle of the hood. At the same time, the hood is designed as a dome instead of being horizontal like many competitors, giving the car an aerodynamic design.

On the body of the Volkswagen Viloran 2024, there is no shortage of embossed lines, which are a “specialty” on cars bearing the VW logo. In addition, the sliding door design for the rear seats is also a bold highlight of the MPV on Viloran.

Along with the overall tilt and curve, the Volkswagen Viloran 2024 windows are also designed with curved corners. Only the base of pillar A is the only sharp corner on the window. In addition, the windows also have luxurious chrome borders that integrate one-touch up/down functions in all positions and have anti-jamming safety for passengers.

The Volkswagen Viloran 2024 rearview mirror has a modern design when placed on the door and pushed back to limit blind spots. The mirror size is quite large, providing good visibility. Comes with standard features including electric adjustment, electric folding with integrated turn signals and heating. The Luxury version will have a more convenient welcome light and location memory function.

With quite large size, Volkswagen Viloran 2024 is equipped with quite large wheels and tire specifications. The Premium standard version is equipped with 19-inch alloy wheels, stylized 5-double-spoke design, and comes with 235/55R19 tire specifications. While the Luxury version is equipped with 20-inch alloy wheels, multi-spoke design with 235/50R20 tires.

The body surface of the Volkswagen Viloran 2024 also does not have many outstanding decorative details. The German car company equips both versions with chrome-plated door handles. Comes with dark-tinted window glass in the back seat of the car, helping to bring a sense of privacy to passengers inside.


Similar to the above parts, the overall rear of the Volkswagen Viloran 2024 is quite harmonious and luxurious, accompanied by horizontally swept highlights that are quite modern and typical of the Volkswagen family.

The LED taillight cluster is designed in a sharp 3D block shape and has slender strokes. In particular, the size of the taillights is quite large, connected by a thin chrome bar with the centerpiece being the delicate VW logo.

In addition, the Volkswagen Viloran 2024 rear bumper is also plated with high-quality chrome and hides the exhaust pipe below. This design is both sophisticated and modern, while giving the owner an elegant style.

Behind, the Volkswagen Viloran 2024 is also equipped with a third brake light on high, helping to enhance recognition when the driver brakes the large Volkswagen car. Comes with a high-mounted wind vane and a fairly modern fish-fin-style antenna.

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With a rather large overall size, it is not difficult to understand that the Volkswagen Viloran 2024 has an extremely spacious, airy cockpit and luxurious design, accompanied by high-quality materials and trendy interior lighting.

The 2024 Volkswagen Viloran dashboard is modern with a floating central screen, helping to simplify the control buttons. The screen is also tilted at an angle compared to the dashboard, helping the driver easily observe and make adjustments when necessary. The dashboard design of the Volkswagen Viloran 2024 is also quite similar to the Volkswagen Teramont facelift that was launched globally not long ago.

The Volkswagen Viloran 2024 steering wheel has a sporty 3-spoke D-cut design, leather upholstery, silver paint decoration and integrated multi-function control keys. Unfortunately, the Luxury version steering wheel is not equipped with position memory, synchronized with seat position memory.

The Volkswagen Viloran 2024 driving clock is digital with a 10.3 inch screen. This screen allows a choice of 3 interfaces, along with 30 different background colors, ready to bring excitement to the driver. The content displayed on the digital driving meter is also quite complete, helping the driver to monitor operating status, maintenance status or fuel consumption to make timely adjustments.

The Volkswagen Viloran 2024 gear lever is also electronic with only a small lever, placed between the two front seats. This lever can adjust 3 RND/S operating modes, while P mode is replaced by a push button.

Besides the gear lever, the 2024 Volkswagen Viloran is also equipped with a very large armrest between the front seats. This detail is also covered in leather and luxuriously embossed. In addition, below the armrest is also a fairly large central storage compartment.

The air conditioning vents on the Volkswagen Viloran 2024 have a traditional square design, with 4-way air vents for easy control. In addition, the air vents are also painted with high-quality silver borders.

Volkswagen Viloran 2024 also has very convenient storage locations. Each row of seats has a cup holder or cup holder, helping passengers relax more even on long journeys.

Decorative details inside the 2024 Volkswagen Viloran also include wood paneling details and exclusive Viloran lettering. While customers will also have 2 interior color options: Brown and Beige.


Volkswagen Viloran 2024 is equipped with a 12-inch touch entertainment screen, integrated wireless Apple CarPlay connection, Bluetooth, USB. This screen also integrates convenient control of vehicle system settings.

The icons are also designed to be friendly, the colors are harmonious and do not distract the driver. Especially in addition to touch, the driver can control using Gesture Control gestures with high sensitivity similar to many high-end luxury cars.

However, the 2024 Volkswagen Viloran is not equipped with an entertainment system for the rear seats. This is quite unfortunate for a high-end MPV aimed at passengers in the back seat.

To compensate, the high-end MPV model from VW is equipped with an 8-speaker sound system, supported with APVB heat-insulating and sound-insulating glass with a thickness of up to 4.96mm specialized for the windshield and sunroof. In addition, the soundproofing panels for the car doors, ceiling, floor, and engine compartment partition also contribute to helping the 8-speaker sound system become more sublime.

With a fairly large cabin size, the Volkswagen Viloran 2024 is quite sophisticated when equipped with an independent 3-zone automatic air conditioning system, helping each position in the car to optimize the appropriate temperature. In addition, the PM 2.5 fine dust filter function that comes with the air conditioning system also ensures the air quality in the car is always in the best condition.

Volkswagen Viloran 2024 also has a high-class interior space with a touch-controlled reading light system, combined with white interior decorative border lights on the Premium version. While the Luxury version’s interior lights can be customized with up to 30 colors, helping to optimize interior lighting according to the mood of the driver and passengers.

Panoramic Sunroof is also standard equipment on two versions of the Volkswagen Viloran 2024, providing maximum airiness and comfort for the driver and passengers in the car.

Volkswagen Viloran 2024 is fully equipped with USB charging ports to power every seating position. In the front seats, the driver and passenger have a wireless charging tray, 1 USB-A port and 1 USB-C port. Inside the central storage compartment there are also other USB charging ports.

The second row of seats has a USB charging port attached to two independent seats, while the third row also has a USB-C charging port to provide power when needed. In addition, a 12V charger is also available inside the luggage compartment, providing greater capacity suitable for devices that use more electricity.

Volkswagen also equips both versions of the Viloran 2024 with the Start/Stop engine button start feature. The button is painted in a luxurious silver color and placed right at the gear lever position, very neat and sophisticated.

Included with this function is the Smartkey smart key set that includes the rear seat electric sliding door function, remote trunk opening, remote opening or locking of the doors. However, Volkswagen’s high-end MPV model is not equipped with remote start facilities, which are increasingly popular and popular in Vietnam.

In addition to the above amenities, the Volkswagen Viloran 2024 is also equipped with advanced features such as electronic handbrake with automatic brake hold mode, automatic anti-glare interior rearview mirror…

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Volkswagen Viloran 2024 seats are covered with standard leather, but the Luxury version is more advanced with ventilated leather material, helping to sit for a long time without getting hot and more comfortable on long journeys.

The front seats of all versions are equipped with advanced electric adjustment technology. The driver’s seat and passenger seat can both be electrically adjusted in 8 directions combined with 4-way back cushions. Particularly, the Luxury version is more advanced equipped with 3-position driver’s seat memory and integrated heating for the two front seats.

The most prominent feature on the Volkswagen Viloran 2024 is the independent business-style second row of seats with 70-degree electric reclining function, manual seat sliding, armrest with cup holder, phone and charging port.

The second row of seats in the Luxury version is equipped with a premium package that integrates an air cushion with an electric backrest, an adjustable full backrest that hugs both sides, a 90-degree electric leg support, heating, cooling and 3 massage modes with 3 intensities. optional degree. Additionally, the rear passenger can operate the front passenger seat when not in use.

The third row of seats of the Volkswagen Viloran 2024 has quite spacious legroom, designed for 3 passengers. In addition, the third row of seats can be folded down in a 60:40 ratio to expand the luggage compartment when needed.

The Volkswagen Viloran 2024 luggage compartment is quite comfortable with a standard capacity of 436 liters right behind the third row of seats. When folding the last row of seats flat, the luggage compartment capacity increases to 1,381 liters. If combined with the second row of seats moved forward, the luggage compartment capacity can be expanded to 2,100 liters, comfortably meeting all individual vehicle owner’s transportation needs.

The Volkswagen Viloran 2024 luggage trunk is also equipped with a hands-free smart trunk opening/closing (foot kick) to help make using the car more convenient. In addition, the driver can open and close the trunk with the switch in the car, the switch behind the car and with the key. The electric trunk also comes with an anti-jamming function, a suitable trunk opening height setting function and a trunk opening and closing motor protection function.


Although it is a car line developed by SAIC Volkswagen Joint Venture, the core operation is still the typical platforms from the German car brand.

Specifically, the Volkswagen Viloran 2024 is developed on the MQB Evo global chassis, shared with many other large cars in the Volkswagen Group such as Audi Q6, Skoda Kodiaq, Volkswagen Passat …

The MQB Evo chassis system improves the performance of engine control systems, transmissions, transmissions, and braking systems; increase data transmission speed; Improved application speed of the ACC Adaptive Cruise Control system; Improved rear vehicle detection range of the LCA Lane Change Assist system; Improve the stopping speed of the AEB Emergency Braking system.

Regarding the powertrain, the 2024 Volkswagen Viloran is equipped with a 2.0 TSI engine block that has proven its efficiency, durability and power on many previous VW models. This engine produces a maximum capacity of 220 horsepower at 4,900 – 6,700 rpm, and maximum torque of 350 Nm from 1,600 – 4,300 rpm.

Comes with a new generation 7-speed DSG dual-clutch transmission for the ability to change gears in just 0.2 seconds. This gearbox allows smart, reasonable and smooth gear changes, exactly what the driver wants. At the same time, the gearbox also has the ability to withstand high loads and climb hills well because the force is transmitted almost continuously to the wheels. This gearbox combined with the 2.0 TSI engine block also helps the Volkswagen Viloran 2024 reach a maximum speed of up to 200 km/h.

Support for the 2.0 TSI engine also includes systems such as: Dual fuel injection system and Dual intake turbocharger system. While directly supporting the driver is the Servotronic speed-variable electric power steering feature, the independent suspension system on both front and rear axles combined with the front body stabilizer bar.

It’s a bit unfortunate that the 2024 Volkswagen Viloran doesn’t have a button to customize the driving mode, to bring excitement and excitement to the driver. Maybe this car model is aimed at economical operation, combined with maximum smoothness and stability.

Volkswagen Viloran 2024 also sets a fairly high safety standard when equipped with an Active Driver Assistance System including 3 features:


In addition, there are advanced safety technologies such as ABS/EBD/BA function, ESC electronic balance, anti-slip when accelerating ASR, EDS electronic differential lock, TPMS tire pressure warning, and control system. PDC parking distance control, 7 airbags (Premium) or 9 airbags (Luxury)


Currently, Volkswagen has not yet provided a list of genuine accessories and upgrades for Viloran 2024.

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