Tesla Model Y Review 2024: The Future of Electric SUVs

Welcome to our comprehensive review of the highly anticipated Tesla Model Y. In this blog post, we will delve into the latest updates and features of the 2024 Model Y, exploring its design, performance, range, safety features, interior amenities, and more. Join us as we uncover why the Tesla Model Y continues to revolutionize the electric SUV market.

Overeview of Tesla Model Y 2024

Tesla Model Y Review 2024: The Future of Electric SUVs
Tesla Model Y Review 2024: The Future of Electric SUVs

The 2024 Model Y is Tesla’s compact crossover SUV. It was one of the first fully electric compact crossovers to hit the market and is considered the standard by which all other entrants in the segment are judged. There are good reasons for this. It offers ample space and relative comfort, along with impressive range and power.

Additionally, it is packed with technology features that are loved by most Tesla owners. However, while the Model Y currently sets the benchmark in its class, competitors from legacy automakers are quickly catching up. This is why it is speculated that Tesla may be planning an update for the Model Y in either the 2023 or 2024 model year.

Although this is currently just a rumor, it is expected that the updates will include revised styling both inside and out, as well as new features or enhancements. It should be noted that Tesla does not strictly adhere to calendar years when releasing updates, so any changes could occur in either year. These updates are likely to help maintain the Tesla Model Y’s dominant sales position.

However, savvy EV shoppers should also consider alternatives such as the Ford Mustang Mach-E, Hyundai Ioniq 5, and the Chevrolet Blazer EV. For a comprehensive review of the Model Y’s real-world range, utility, and more, please refer to our Expert Rating below.

Design of Tesla Model Y 2024

The Tesla Model Y is truly a remarkable vehicle, with its sleek and modern design capturing the attention of all who lay eyes on it. Combining the elegance of a sedan with the practicality of an SUV, this car offers the best of both worlds. Its aerodynamic shape not only adds to its overall aesthetic appeal but also contributes to its incredible efficiency on the road.

One of the standout features of the Model Y is its panoramic glass roof, which allows for an abundance of natural light to fill the cabin, creating a bright and airy atmosphere for both the driver and passengers. This feature also provides a stunning view of the surroundings, adding to the overall driving experience.

Another distinctive element of the Model Y is its falcon-wing doors, which open vertically, creating a sense of luxury and sophistication. These doors not only make getting in and out of the car a breeze but also make a statement wherever you go.

With the 2024 update, Tesla has taken the Model Y to new heights. The revised front fascia gives the car a fresh and refined look, while the updated alloy wheel options allow for even more customization and personalization. These subtle refinements further enhance the already impressive aesthetic appeal of the Model Y, ensuring that it stands out from the crowd.

The Tesla Model Y is a true masterpiece in terms of design. Its seamless combination of elegance and practicality, along with its aerodynamic shape, panoramic glass roof, and falcon-wing doors, make it an instant head-turner on the road. And with the 2024 update bringing even more refinements, this car is sure to continue captivating hearts and minds wherever it goes.

Performance of Tesla Model Y 2024

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One of the most impressive aspects of the Tesla Model Y is its remarkable performance capabilities. Equipped with dual electric motors and all-wheel drive, the Model Y offers exhilarating acceleration and exceptional handling. The 2024 version features upgraded battery technology, enabling even quicker acceleration and longer range than its predecessors. With instant torque and a low center of gravity, the Model Y delivers a thrilling driving experience.

Acceleration is not a weak point. During Edmunds’ testing, the Model Y Long Range took only 4.8 seconds to reach 60 mph from a standstill. In addition, despite being equipped with all-season tires, which are typically designed for wear resistance rather than road grip, our test vehicle achieved an impressive stopping distance of just 112 feet from 60 mph. Both of these numbers exceeded our expectations and are remarkable for the EV segment.

Steering and handling are also praiseworthy despite the Model Y’s heavy weight. The steering feels light and responds quickly to inputs, providing a sense of control and connection while cornering. Furthermore, there is minimal body roll, particularly for an SUV. In terms of in-town drivability, it is excellent. Seasoned EV drivers will appreciate the adjustable regenerative braking, which enables you to drive primarily using only the right pedal.

Range and Charging of Tesla Model Y 2024

The 2024 Tesla Model Y sets a new standard for electric SUVs in terms of range. Thanks to advancements in battery technology, it can now travel an impressive 400 miles on a single charge. This means that long road trips or daily commutes are easily achievable without worrying about range anxiety. Additionally, Tesla’s extensive Supercharger network allows for quick and convenient charging, providing up to 175 miles of range in just 15 minutes.

The EPA estimates that the Model Y Long Range has a maximum range of 326 miles and consumes 27 kWh of electricity for every 100 miles of driving, making it the second most efficient luxury EV after the Tesla Model 3. Both vehicles are impressive choices for an electric SUV. In Edmunds’ real-world testing of the 2021 Model Y Long Range, we observed a total range of 317 miles with a consumption rate of 26.2 kWh/100 miles while running in the max-range battery mode, which charges the battery to full capacity.

However, this mode is not recommended for daily use and should be reserved for longer trips. While the Model Y didn’t quite match its range estimate in our test, its range of over 300 miles is more than sufficient for most people, as long as you drive conservatively. One significant advantage of the Model Y is access to Tesla’s proprietary Supercharger network, which provides reliable and reasonably priced recharging options when you need to quickly increase your range.

Safety Features of Tesla Model Y 2024

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Tesla has always prioritized safety in their vehicles, and the Model Y is no exception. It comes equipped with a comprehensive suite of advanced safety features, including Autopilot, which provides semi-autonomous driving capabilities. The 2024 update introduces even more safety enhancements, such as improved collision avoidance and emergency braking systems, ensuring the utmost protection for both the driver and passengers.

Interior Amenities of Tesla Model Y 2024

Step inside the Tesla Model Y, and you’ll be greeted by a spacious and futuristic interior. The 2024 version features premium materials, comfortable seating for up to seven passengers, and ample cargo space. The minimalist dashboard is dominated by a large touchscreen display that controls various functions of the vehicle, including media, navigation, and climate control. With over-the-air software updates, Tesla continuously adds new features and improvements to enhance the driving experience.

The cabin of the Model Y is spacious, offering ample headroom and legroom for all passengers. The wide-opening doors, tall roof, and low step-over height make getting in and out easy. While the available third-row seat is cramped, it does provide seven-passenger capability if needed.

Unfortunately, the large touchscreen, while visually appealing and modern, serves as the sole control interface for almost everything. There is a learning curve to using the controls, and operating the system can be distracting while driving. Additionally, if the touchscreen malfunctions, it severely limits access to the Model Y’s controls. The forward visibility is impressive, thanks to the tall and wide windshield and short hood. The only slight obstruction comes from the large front windshield pillars when making turns.

However, rear visibility is similar to that of a sport coupe, as the slim rear window and high rear beltline significantly restrict the view out of the back.

Technology and Connectivity of Tesla Model Y 2024

Tesla has always been at the forefront of automotive technology, and the Model Y exemplifies this with its cutting-edge features. The 2024 update introduces an enhanced infotainment system with improved voice recognition and a wider range of entertainment options. The Model Y also seamlessly integrates with your smartphone, providing keyless entry and remote control features through the Tesla mobile app.

There are significant pros and cons when it comes to the technology features of the Model Y. The large center screen is easy to see and has crisp graphics. The navigation system, which is Google-based, is also clear and easy to read. However, the system can be slow to update in areas with spotty service, leaving you temporarily without a map.

The sound quality from the 14-speaker audio system is immersive. The biggest downside is the lack of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto smartphone integration. Bluetooth is the only way to connect your phone, and it’s a poor substitute compared to the more feature-packed capabilities of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The Model Y’s advanced driver aids perform well in stop-and-go traffic, but they can be slightly annoying at highway speeds or on roads with parked cars. We have experienced a number of false alarms with the system riding too close to another car on the highway or mistaking a parked vehicle on the shoulder for a stopped vehicle in our lane, which can be a rude awakening for the car behind us. Few competitor vehicle systems share these issues.

On the upside, you’ll have access to an internet browser that allows you to do things like watch Netflix or scroll through YouTube videos — while parked, of course, and provided you’re up-to-date on your Tesla data plan. One of Tesla’s greatest innovations is the constant over-the-air updates that can add features and optimize the system.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact of Tesla Model Y 2024

One of the primary reasons why Tesla vehicles are held in such high regard is their unwavering dedication to sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices. When you choose to drive an electric vehicle, such as the remarkable Model Y, you are actively contributing to the reduction of harmful greenhouse gas emissions and lessening our overall dependence on non-renewable fossil fuels.

Tesla’s overarching mission to expedite the world’s transition towards sustainable energy is seamlessly embodied in every single facet of the Model Y. From its remarkable zero-emission drivetrain to its meticulous utilization of recycled materials in its construction, this extraordinary vehicle truly showcases Tesla’s unyielding commitment to a greener future for all.

Maintenance and Cost of Ownership of Tesla Model Y 2024

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There are numerous advantages to owning a Tesla Model Y, not only for the environment but also for your financial well-being. When compared to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, electric cars like the Model Y come with considerably lower maintenance costs. This is because they have fewer moving parts and do not require oil changes, which can be quite costly over time.

Moreover, thanks to the availability of federal and state incentives, as well as the potential savings on fuel and maintenance, the overall cost of owning a Tesla Model Y can be surprisingly affordable in the long run. By opting for this innovative and eco-friendly vehicle, you not only contribute to a cleaner planet but also enjoy the benefits of a more cost-effective and sustainable transportation option.

Customer Reviews and Satisfaction of Tesla Model Y 2024

The Tesla Model Y has been receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from both owners and critics, who have been thoroughly impressed by its outstanding performance, impressive range capabilities, and cutting-edge technology. These remarkable features have undoubtedly played a significant role in earning the vehicle widespread acclaim. One of the key aspects that owners particularly appreciate is the convenience of being able to charge their Model Y at home, eliminating the need for regular visits to gas stations.

Furthermore, the extensive Supercharger network provided by Tesla further enhances the overall ownership experience by offering a seamless and efficient charging solution. It is clear that the high level of satisfaction expressed by Tesla Model Y owners is a testament to the exceptional quality and innovative prowess that Tesla consistently demonstrates in the automotive industry.

Tesla Model Y Review 2024: The Future of Electric SUVs

The Tesla Model Y continues to raise the bar for electric SUVs, and the 2024 update further solidifies its position as a game-changer in the automotive industry. With its stunning design, impressive performance, long range, advanced safety features, and cutting-edge technology, the Model Y offers a glimpse into the future of sustainable transportation. As Tesla continues to innovate and push boundaries, it’s clear that electric vehicles like the Model Y are here to stay.

In summary, the 2024 Tesla Model Y is an exceptional electric SUV that combines style, performance, and sustainability in one package. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, environmentally conscious driver, or simply someone who appreciates driving excellence, the Model Y is bound to impress. Don’t miss out on being part of the electric revolution – experience the future of transportation with the Tesla Model Y.

Is Tesla changing Model Y in 2024?

While these rumors surrounding potential changes to the Tesla Model Y in 2024 are exciting to consider, it is important to remember that they are merely speculations at this point. Tesla has a track record of surprising its customers with innovative features and improvements, so it wouldn’t be surprising if some or all of these speculations turn out to be true.

Whether or not Tesla introduces changes to the Model Y in 2024, one thing is certain – Tesla’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle technology will continue to drive innovation within the industry. The Model Y has already made a significant impact in the market, and any future updates will likely further solidify its position as a top choice among EV enthusiasts.

In conclusion, while we eagerly await official announcements from Tesla regarding any potential changes to the Model Y in 2024, we can rest assured that whatever updates may come will only serve to enhance an already impressive electric vehicle.

Is Model Y being updated?

While there have been no official announcements regarding specific updates to the Tesla Model Y, it is clear that Tesla is committed to delivering continuous improvements to all their vehicles. Whether it be through battery upgrades, performance enhancements, interior design changes, software updates, or charging infrastructure expansion, Tesla aims to provide an exceptional driving experience for all Model Y owners. As Tesla continues to innovate and push the boundaries of electric vehicle technology, we can expect exciting updates for the Model Y in the future. Stay tuned!

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