Why BMW Stopped Making the i8: The Rise and Fall of a Revolutionary Hybrid Sports Car

The BMW i8 was one of the most iconic cars that has ever been produced by the German automaker. It was not only gorgeous and fast, but it also represented a revolutionary design that combined futuristic aesthetics with hybrid technology.

However, as time went by, there were some changes in the automotive industry that led to BMW stopping production of this legendary car. In this article, we will explore why BMW stopped making the i8 and take a closer look at its rise and fall.

A Revolutionary Design

Why BMW Stopped Making the i8: The Rise and Fall of a Revolutionary Hybrid Sports Car
Why BMW Stopped Making the i8: The Rise and Fall of a Revolutionary Hybrid Sports Car

The BMW i8 was first introduced as a concept car back in 2009 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The concept quickly gained popularity due to its stunning design, which incorporated sleek lines, futuristic features, and butterfly doors.

In 2013, the production version of the i8 was unveiled at the same motor show. The car boasted an incredible aerodynamic design that allowed it to cut through air resistance effortlessly. Its lightweight construction further enhanced its performance capabilities while also improving fuel economy.

Underneath its beautiful exterior sat a 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine that worked alongside an electric motor, resulting in a total output of 357 horsepower. This combination allowed the car to go from 0-60 mph in just 4.2 seconds while also achieving an impressive fuel economy rating of over 70 mpg.

A New Era for Hybrid Sports Cars

At launch, the BMW i8 represented something completely new in the automotive industry: a hybrid sports car that could compete with traditional gasoline-powered vehicles on both speed and efficiency.

People were excited about this new era of vehicle development; they saw it as a step towards cleaner energy use without sacrificing style or power.

BMW delivered on all fronts with their creation of such an innovative vehicle – it looked good enough to be featured in sci-fi movies while sporting similar performance capabilities to luxury sports cars.

The Rise and Fall

Initially, the i8 was a big success. It was well received by critics and enthusiasts alike, who appreciated its unique design, innovative hybrid powertrain, and impressive performance. However, as the years passed by, so did the novelty factor that once made this car so special.

Competitors like Porsche and Tesla began producing their own electric sports cars that offered similar or even better performance than the i8 at lower prices. Although BMW tried to stay ahead of these trends by updating the i8 in 2019, sales continued to decline.

Finally, on April 2020, BMW announced that it would be discontinuing production of the i8 due to poor sales figures. Despite being one of the most innovative vehicles ever produced, it seems that consumers ultimately preferred all-electric over hybrid vehicles.

Why BMW Stopped Making the i8

The BMW i8 represented a revolutionary design for hybrid sports cars when it first launched. It was fast, stylish, and remarkably efficient for its class. Unfortunately, as time went by, competitors entered the market with improved electric vehicle technology and better price points.

Ultimately this led to BMW stopping production of this iconic car after seven years on the market. Although its tenure may have been brief in terms of automotive history – its legacy will remain forever in memory as a game-changer for futuristic designed hybrid vehicles.

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