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How to Install Car Accessories at Home Quickly – Simply

Newly purchased cars often only have basic equipment from the car manufacturer or accessories previously installed by the previous owner. New car owners will often add some accessories according to their preferences. In fact, installing car accessories is not as difficult as you think. The following detailed instructions will help you easily “refurbish” your car by yourself.

How to Install Car Accessories at Home Quickly - Simply
How to Install Car Accessories at Home Quickly – Simply

Should I install accessories myself at home?

There are many types of car accessories, divided into interior and exterior accessories, utility accessories, technology accessories, etc.

Most of us think that all changes and new additions to cars need to be done by technicians. However, there will also be a few simple accessories that you can order and install yourself according to the instructions at home.

Installing car accessories yourself helps you save time traveling to the garage, saves money and also helps you have more experience with your own car. Especially during the stressful epidemic period, many people are afraid to move out when not necessary. At this time, if you can install simple accessories to your liking, it will be extremely convenient.

However, not all accessories can be installed by yourself. Without expertise, it can affect the functionality of the accessories and even affect the operation of the entire vehicle.

Instructions for installing some simple accessories

If you intend to install a car accessory yourself at home, you should first ask the buyer if the accessory can be installed at home or not. Next, listen to the seller’s detailed instructions on the process as well as notes during installation.

Below is a summary of detailed instructions on how to install a few simple accessories that you can “test your skills” yourself.

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Accessories that can be operated by yourself at home

These accessories are really necessary for the driver and passengers during use to ensure maximum safety and comfort in the vehicle. If you just bought a car, try learning about these types of accessories:

Instructions for installing floor mats

The car floor is a place that easily gets dirty, moldy, and retains unpleasant odors. The car floor is very difficult to clean and if you don’t know how, you can scratch the floor, damage the floor, and affect the aesthetics of the car.

Floor mats are used very commonly today. It must be said that anyone who uses a car, from personal to service, popular or luxury cars, needs floor mat accessories.

Installing floor mats at home is also quite simple, you can follow these steps sequentially:

  • Step 1 – Clean the car floor: After removing the old carpet, you need to use a specialized wipe or brush to clean the car floor. Making sure the car floor is clean, dust-free, and free of foreign objects in nooks and crannies will make installing new carpets easier.
  • Step 2 – Move the driver’s seat and passenger seat: To install the carpet more easily, you need to adjust and move the two front seats to the back to create more spacious space. When installing the carpet for the passenger compartment, push the front seats forward again.
  • Step 3 – Place the carpet on the car in order: Start from the driver’s seat carpet, then the passenger seat and then the back seat. When placing the carpet on the car, try to place it straight and neatly, slide the carpet ears down to the correct chassis and secure with buttons if available. Proceed sequentially with each carpet position to ensure the mat fits best.
  • Step 4 – Check: Finally, you need to observe the whole again to make sure the floor carpet is flat, not folded, not loose, not buttoned, and especially to check that the carpet fits tightly. car floor or not.

Instructions on how to install rearview mirrors in the car

The rearview mirror in the car is a mirror mounted on the windshield, used to observe the rear of the vehicle, update traffic conditions, and monitor vehicles preparing to pass. Installing a rearview mirror in a car is actually not as difficult as you think. Just master the following steps and be meticulous and careful. You can definitely replace the rearview mirror yourself. for your beloved car.

To install a mirror, you will first need a specialized tool set, a dryer, a razor, and a clean towel used to clean the glass. Then, proceed sequentially through the steps.

  • Step 1: Remove the mirror collar, which is the button attached to the rearview mirror. This is the point that connects the mirror to the windshield, usually designed as a sliding or hook joint that is quite simple to remove.
  • Step 2: Use a dryer with a hot setting to blow on the windshield area before attaching the mirror. The purpose of this is to help the glass warm up, making it easier for the glue to stick.
  • Step 3: Clean the windshield before installing the mirror. In this step, you need to make sure the glass does not have any old glue residue left. You can use a razor to clean it but be really careful not to scratch the glass. After scraping off the old glue, use glass cleaning solution to wipe it again, and at the same time clean the bottom surface of the mirror arm, the part that will come into contact with the windshield.
  • Step 4: Determine the position to install the mirror to ensure balance and maximum convenience for participating in traffic. If replacing the old mirror, mark the old position before removing it for the most convenient installation. Some cars today have markings on the outside glass, so it is much easier to install car parts yourself at home.
  • Step 5: Apply specialized glass glue for mirrors to the determined position, apply more glue to the base of the mirror, place the mirror neatly in position and hold it steady for about 1 minute.
  • Step 6: Once you make sure the mirror leg is fixed, continue to reattach the mirror to the mirror arm according to the joint removed in the first step.

Instructions on how to install a car rain cover

A rain cover is a type of long, small splint installed at the top edge of the glass door to prevent rainwater from splashing inside when you want to lower the glass window when it rains. Besides that use, rain covers also help avoid heat, reduce heat, reduce noise, reduce dust and increase the aesthetics of the car. Installing a rain cover for a car is very simple, costs nothing and does not require time to take it to the garage.

Before installation, the first step you need to do is choose the right type of fender for your car brand. Please contact the seller for advice, choose the right type of fender to ensure the tightest fit. Then, you install the rain cover according to these steps:

  • Step 1: Clean the vehicle’s glass and the location where the fender will be attached with a clean towel and specialized cleaning solution. Use the same solution to clean the fenders and let them dry before installation. Cleaning will help the fenders stick tighter, more stable, and more durable.
  • Step 2: Test the fender onto the car door position, both to determine whether the fender fits the car or not, and to align the angle most accurately.
  • Step 3: Apply support glue to the location where the rain cover is attached. Many people who install fenders do not use glue. However, because they are constantly exposed to rain and strong winds, the glue will help prevent fenders from peeling, stick longer, and provide better protection.
  • Step 4: Gently place the fender in the correct position. When you find the exact position as when testing, press firmly so that the fender sticks tightly to the body of the car. Use your hands to smooth it so that it sticks as firmly as possible.

Instructions for easy self-installation of wipers

The effect of rain wipers is probably not to be discussed, a small but powerful tool that helps support safe driving in rainy and windy weather conditions. Types of wipers are usually designed to suit each car model. You can completely order a replacement wiper in case the car’s wiper blades are degraded after a period of use, extremely simple. simple.

  • Step 1: Similar to many other car accessories, you also need to choose a type of wiper that is compatible with your car to ensure it works well and does not affect the glass.
  • Step 2: Lift the wiper lever off the windshield. This step should be done gently so as not to break the lever, and hold firmly so as not to let the lever shoot straight into the glass.
  • Step 3: Locate the latch of the connecting rod, gently press on the latch to let the old wiper blade slide out and remove the old wiper blade.
  • Step 4: Use a soft towel to line the windshield, this time the wiper will not be able to scratch the glass. At the same time, use another towel and glass cleaning solution to clean the windshield and wiper blades before installing the new blade.
  • Step 5: Install the new wiper blade in reverse order when removing the old blade. Gently return the lever to its original position.
  • Step 6: Add a little water to the front glass, turn on the wiper feature for a final check. If the lever operates quickly, smoothly, and gently, it means you have installed it correctly.

Components should absolutely not be installed on your own

Installing car accessories at home cannot be applied to all types of accessory products, especially accessories related to operation, electronics, electronics, etc. For many types of accessories and products. Certainly, the installation not only requires a high level of expertise but also machinery equipment, temperature environment, etc. if you want to ensure the best quality.

Installing car accessories yourself can bring you a lot of excitement, but say no to accessories such as rearview mirrors, car sensors, LCD screens, and other related accessories. electric ignition, starter, engine roar,…

Therefore, when purchasing, you need to contact the seller to ask for detailed information. Specifically, ask if this product can be installed at home, if there are any requirements, etc. If you don’t feel confident, take the car to the garage for support.

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Important notes when installing accessories at home

Car accessories are designed to increase convenience for car users, or simply make the space inside the car more beautiful and attractive. However, when an original car is created, every detail in the car is calculated in advance, so additional installed accessories can hinder the operation of certain parts.

This can easily happen when users arbitrarily install car accessories at home. To avoid unnecessary risks, you need to note the following:

  • Do not arbitrarily install car accessories that consume electricity such as anti-theft devices, horns, lights, etc. to avoid electrical overload, causing fire and explosion.
  • Pay attention to the locations of airbags to avoid situations where the airbag cannot open in a collision or the airbag is fired, causing nearby accessories to break, endangering the driver. In case you do not know these locations clearly, you need to contact the seller or your car maintenance garage to ask.
  • Be especially careful with steering wheel accessories, which can affect the steering wheel’s sensitivity and lose control while driving the vehicle.
  • Contact the service center to ask about additional accessories that can be installed. There have been many cases where garages have refused warranty or maintenance because car owners arbitrarily installed additional accessories.
  • Choose accessories with the right size and style for each vehicle model, do not install too many unnecessary accessories, affecting the driver’s concentration.

Choose PROFESSIONAL accessory installation service at AloAuto

In cases where complex accessories need to be installed, the best option is to take the vehicle to a garage with a professional installation service. Installing at a garage will of course cost more than doing it yourself at home, but in return you will have complete peace of mind, ensuring the accessories are installed properly, without affecting other parts in the car.

The world of high-end car parts and accessories under the AutoGroup luxury car ecosystem, is a place that has been trusted and chosen by a large number of customers recently.

In addition to providing genuine, high-quality spare parts and accessories, AloAuto also deploys installation and home installation service packages to serve a variety of current customer needs.

With enthusiasm for the profession, dedication to customers, and desire to bring the most perfect services, right from the first days of operation, AloAuto has set out principles about people and service style. Professional, in terms of price and quality after a long period of general market research.

Although it has only recently entered the market, AloAuto has already established a loyal customer network with more than 5,000 members. At the same time, it has also become a familiar name to the automotive business community and car communities throughout Hanoi. That proud achievement comes from outstanding advantages:

  • Thanks to strong investment resources from AutoGroup, AloAuto is well-built with facilities, support tools, and specialized equipment to perform installation according to the correct process, safety and quality.
  • Our team of technicians is trained and experienced with all car models on the market, from popular brands to high-end and supercars. Thanks to that, professional and absolutely accurate installation operations are guaranteed.
  • Installation warranty policy: Transparent – Clear for each type of accessory
  • Preferential policies for loyal customers or customers who have used other AutoGroup services, ensuring benefits for member customers.
  • Free installation for customers in Hanoi inner city, attentive service at home.

Another strength of AloAuto that customers cannot find anywhere is the companionship of AutoPlays – the most professional car tuning service in Hanoi.

For customers who like feng shui accessories or like to be unconventional, car tuning is a service that they are very interested in. To fully meet those needs, the AloAuto – AutoPlays duo has been providing services including:

  • Install car interior and exterior decoration accessories
  • Install the screen
  • Install dash cams and electronic accessories
  • Install floor mats, floor lining, trunk lining, backrest pillows, headrests
  • Applying car insulation film
  • Electric trunk, electric sliding doors, electric seats,…

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