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Instructions for replacing brake pads for cars yourself

You don’t need to spend a lot of money when you have to go to the garage to replace new brake pads for your car. Instead, you can also do this job yourself quite easily. With a few simple tools and a little time, you can save some money from buying brake pads yourself and replacing them for your car. The following steps will help you do this job easier.

Instructions for replacing brake pads for cars yourself
Instructions for replacing brake pads for cars yourself

Some tools need to be prepared 

  • Vehicle lifting team and dead team: Lift and rest the wheel when performing brake pad replacement
  • Torque lever and lever to open the wheel lock: open and tighten the wheel lock easily
  • Piston assembly wrench: used to open the brake piston assembly
  • A piece of parachute rope: hang the piston assembly
  • Piston press: press the piston when replacing new brake pads

After preparing all the tools, we begin to open the wheel that needs to be replaced with new brake pads. 

Remove the wheel

First, while your car is still parked on the ground, take advantage of the weight and grip of the tire to easily loosen the nuts and bolts of the wheel that need to be replaced, then lift the car up and use a jack. die to return. Normally, Japanese and Korean cars use a 21-switch, Ford cars  use a 19-switch, German cars use a 17-switch… and each car is equipped with its own socket opener.

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Open the brake piston assembly

The next thing you need to do is remove the brake piston assembly to remove the brake pads. The back of the brake caliper will have 2 brake accumulator bolts with rubber dust caps as shown in the picture. Your job is to remove those two bolts and use screws to pry the piston assembly out of the brake assembly. Remember that after disassembly, prop up or use a rope to tie and hang the piston assembly somewhere nearby. Do not let the piston assembly hang by the brake oil pipe because it may damage the oil pipe.

Remove the old brake pads 

After opening the brake piston assembly, you need to remove the old brake pad and replace it with a new brake pad. Before removing the old brake pads, you need to observe the order of installing the brake pads and the location of the mounting brackets to avoid being installed incorrectly. 

Replace new brake pads

After removing the old brake pads, you need to replace the new brake pads with the correct type and install them in the same position as the original.

Press the brake piston

When replacing new brake pads, the brake pad thickness will be larger and you cannot leave the current piston position intact for assembly. We need to return the piston to its original position. Use a piston rod and compress the piston back to its original position so that it can be easily attached to the brake mechanism with the new brake pads. The simplest way is to press the piston all the way until it feels stiff.

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Reinstall the piston and wheel assembly

After compressing the brake piston assembly, you can easily install this part into the brake mechanism. Then you need to grease the brake accumulator bolts and reattach them as before. After completing the job of replacing the brake pads, reinstall the wheel, lower the brackets and tighten the wheel clamps. Another important thing to do is to pump the brake. You need to step on the brake pedal until you feel enough pressure and safety, ready in any situation. There was a case at the garage where the car mechanic forgot to stuff the brakes after replacing the brake pads and that caused consequences when the car was tested.

It’s simple to do this, isn’t it? But note that with some sports cars and luxury cars with complex brake systems, car owners should take the car to the garage for a professional technician to quickly and safely replace it.

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