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Super Simple Way to Install Car Sun Shades, Anyone Can Do

With the hot weather, almost every car owner needs to prepare sunshades for their car. The actual installation of curtains is not too complicated, so you can do it yourself without needing a garage. Car owners can refer to the following super simple way to install car sunshades to apply right at home.

Super Simple Way to Install Car Sun Shades, Anyone Can Do
Super Simple Way to Install Car Sun Shades, Anyone Can Do

How to install magnetic car sunshades

Magnetic sunshades have a fairly simple design with a size equal to the size of the glass windows on a car. Arranging magnetic buttons to help grip the door edges is also very convenient when installing.

This type of curtain can be carried in the car, installed when it is sunny and removed when not needed. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage because it is not fixed to the car, so it can fall at any time if there is a strong collision.

Installing magnetic curtains is very simple with the following steps:

  • Check that the vehicle’s sun visor set must have all 4 panels. You can use 1 panel, 2 panels or all panels at the same time on the vehicle depending on your needs.
  • Test the sun visors on the door glass to ensure a tight fit to the car door, so the visor will adhere more firmly.
  • Check the magnet positions, adjust the magnet up and out. Place the sunshield on the car door, stick the magnet to the main door. In the sun visor set there will be an additional 3M adhesive mount used to attach to the bottom edge of the glass door. With this sticker, the shield will be more sturdy.

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Instructions for installing folding car sunshades

Folding sunshades are a type of curtain installed inside car windows. This type of curtain is usually designed in sets of 2 or 4 with sizes designed specifically for each door shape. Folding sun blinds can be pulled in and out, making them extremely convenient. When it’s sunny, they can be pulled out and retracted when it’s cool, for four-season use. It also has the effect of shielding and protecting the interior of the car and providing private space when needed.

How to install folding car sunshades is a bit more complicated than magnetic curtains, the specific steps are as follows:

  • Step 1: Check the number of tools in the curtain set. When ordering the product, you need to check to ensure all installation details include: 4 folding curtain fabric panels, 4 rails, hangers, rail end caps, double-sided tape.
  • Step 2: Test the curtains and rails to determine the correct position to install the curtains. You need to identify the rails and some curtains for the left and right front doors and the left and right rear doors, separate them to avoid confusion. The rail should fit the border of the glass door. If it is too long, it should be cut.
  • Step 3: Clean the rubber door trim before installation to ensure the best adhesion of the curtain. Use a cleaning cloth and specialized cleaning solution to clean the black foam door border around the glass door.
  • Step 4: Install the curtain onto the rails using the hooks in the kit, the ends of the hooks facing out of the car, use rubber plugs to tightly seal the two ends of the rails.
  • Step 5: Apply double-sided tape to the rails and stick it to the door edge. You should glue the two ends of the rail so that the hooks don’t fall off. Press firmly for about 1 minute to make the glue stick tightly and shape the frame. Leave for about 1 more hour for the glue to dry and fix firmly.
  • Step 6: Check one last time to make sure the curtain covers the entire glass door. You can use an additional tie to tie the curtain for more convenience when pulling.

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To make installing curtains and using car sunshades easier, you can pay attention to a few issues such as:

  • Use more lubricant to make the curtain rail softer and smoother
  • Must check and test the curtains as well as the rails for the 4 doors before installation.
  • One end of the hook should be fixed on the rail to prevent the curtain from sliding back and forth.

There are 2 types of folding car dental blinds, 1-rail type and 2-rail type. The 2-rail type has an advantage over the 1-rail type in that the curtain is more neat and hugs tightly to the glass door. However, this type of curtain is more complicated to install and not as convenient to use as a single-rail curtain.


So with the super easy instructions on how to install car sunshades above, you can equip your car with an extremely useful set of sunshades for this summer. Good luck.

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