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When Do You Need to Replace Car Shock Absorbers? Identify & Check Damaged Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers are one of the most important systems of a car and are also a device that needs regular maintenance and replacement. When do you need to replace car shock absorbers and how to know the signs of damaged shock absorbers? The following useful information will be the most accurate answer.

When Do You Need to Replace Car Shock Absorbers? Identify & Check Damaged Shock Absorbers
When Do You Need to Replace Car Shock Absorbers? Identify & Check Damaged Shock Absorbers

How long is the lifespan of car shock absorbers? When do you need to replace car shock absorbers?

According to the experience of many experts and car repair technicians, car shock absorbers have a certain average lifespan, depending on the operation of each car. Specifically, normally the shock absorbers will begin to show signs of weakness when the vehicle has run 48,000 – 64,000 km.

For vehicles running on flat, uneven, pothole-free roads, low-density traffic vehicles that do not have to stop much after 140,000 km, maintenance of the shock absorber will be required. In case the vehicle often has to move in bad road conditions, with many potholes, many curves, traffic jams that cause the vehicle to stop many times,… the shock absorber will need maintenance after about 80,000 km of travel. transfer.

However, technical experts recommend that you should not wait until the shock absorber part shows signs of damage, or when it reaches its lifespan, to perform maintenance checks. Car owners need to regularly monitor and recognize the earliest signs to promptly have appropriate remedies.

Signs of broken car shock absorbers should not be subjective

When the vehicle’s operating system encounters the following signs, that is when you need to immediately take the vehicle to maintenance for a detailed check:

First, the shock absorber shows signs of making a squeaking noise 

When the shock absorber appears, strange noises appear, indicating that the shock absorber system has rusted, deformed and is rubbing against the sleeve or cylinder body. In addition, the sound of the shock absorber can also come from worn front bearings, dry oil, warped hydraulic cylinders, etc., affecting the entire system.

Second, car shock absorbers leak oil

Normally, in the shock absorber, there needs to be a thin layer of oil surrounding the piston shaft, which acts as a lubricant to help the system operate smoothly and stably. If, when checking, you find that there is only a thin layer of oil covering the outside, this is a completely normal phenomenon. However, if you discover that your car’s shock absorber is leaking a lot of oil, dripping out, this is a problem. The issue needs to be handled immediately. Signs that the seal is leaking, the hub is worn or the non-hydraulic has signs of warping

Third, the shock absorbers are stiff

This is one of the signs that the car’s shock absorber system is about to be replaced. Because when the shock absorbers are stiff, the elasticity is completely lost. When the vehicle drives through bad terrain, with potholes or deceleration eels, very strong shocks will occur, causing great impact. to the life of the vehicle and many related systems.

Fourth, the car shows signs of shaking strongly when braking suddenly

If you feel that when performing the folding bar operation, the vehicle is bouncing quite strongly and shaking, it means the suspension system is damaged or no longer elastic. This is an extremely serious error that car owners need to repair and replace immediately because it can cause danger during traffic.

Fifth, the steering wheel shows signs of vibration and misalignment

When the suspension system is damaged or no longer effective, the tire system will lose its original ability to grip the road, directly affecting the steering system, causing steering wheel problems. Steering wheel problems are easy to detect while driving, so drivers should pay close attention. If there are any unusual signs, they need to take the car to a maintenance center for a detailed check.

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Eventually, the tires wear out, but not evenly

Experts often advise car owners to check their tires before any journey. This is a truly necessary safety inspection process that cannot be ignored. During this inspection, if the tires are found to be unevenly worn, that is, some parts are more worn and some parts are not worn at all. Proves that the vehicle’s ability to grip the road has a problem and is often caused by the suspension system.

How to check car shock absorbers at home

If you do not have the conditions to go to car maintenance and repair centers but notice signs of damage on the vehicle’s suspension system, drivers can completely check the suspension system themselves at home with a few simple steps to promptly find solutions. You can check your car’s shock absorbers by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Park the car on a flat road surface and pull the handbrake.
  • Step 2: Observe the shock absorber system on both sides of the front wheel, compare the level of balance, and whether there is a high or low difference. To know exactly, you should measure the height with a graduated ruler and compare it with the system’s standard parameters. If the parameters deviate from the standard parameters, there is a high possibility that the suspension system is about to be replaced.
  • Step 3: Check in detail related parts such as rubber cushions, springs, bolts, shock tubes, etc. to detect signs such as buttons, breaks, damage, etc. These signs are also a A very intuitive factor that can determine the level of damage to the suspension system.

Car shock absorber maintenance process at car garages

Equip yourself with knowledge about shock absorber maintenance procedures to be able to conveniently monitor and control technicians performing work at the garage. Even though you do not have experience, this knowledge will help you better understand your vehicle, as well as make sure the technicians follow the correct procedures to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

  • Step 1: Jack up the car to a moderate height.
  • Step 2: Remove the wheel and remove the screws from the suspension system.
  • Step 3: Technicians will use a specialized vam device to hold the spring. This is a quite difficult step so it needs to be done by highly skilled technicians.
  • Step 4: Remove the screwdriver to check the ball, check the rubber, and grease the ball.
  • Step 5: Check damping.
  • Step 6: Proceed to reassemble according to the correct testing and final inspection techniques.

Above is the basic car shock absorber maintenance process performed at garages. In case your suspension system must be replaced, you need to seek advice from technicians and industry experts to choose the shock absorber that is truly suitable for your vehicle. You should choose reputable car garages to be able to buy quality car spare parts to avoid fake goods.

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Important notes while driving to prolong the life of the suspension system

Car owners and drivers should comply with the following:

  • Regularly check the suspension system to quickly detect conditions as listed above. If there are any signs, car owners should not be subjective but need to go directly to the auto garage for timely maintenance to avoid future damage.
  • Regularly wash your car and be sure to clean the wheel cavities and shock absorbers to remove dust and dirt stuck to the shock absorbers. This may be the main cause of the tyre’s wearing out faster and causing shock absorber oil to leak.
  • Replace cotton swabs and dust caps regularly to avoid dirt sticking to the damper stem and affecting related parts.
  • Always inflate your tires to standard standards and check tire pressure before driving to ensure it is suitable for the vehicle’s load.
  • Absolutely limit the excess weight of the vehicle and be very careful when traveling on roads with poor terrain.

Hopefully the above solutions have helped you answer the question: When to replace car shock absorbers and important notes to increase shock absorber life. Car shock absorber maintenance is extremely necessary to promptly fix problems that affect safety while driving. Therefore, choose a reputable and reliable maintenance address to perform this process.

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