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Decoding the Buttons on Cars That Everyone Must Know

Having too many buttons on cars makes many people feel confused and scared. Especially for first-time drivers. To make using the car easier, let’s learn with Alo Auto the functions of the buttons on the car right away!

Decoding the Buttons on Cars That Everyone Must Know
Decoding the Buttons on Cars That Everyone Must Know

Instructions for the most commonly used car control buttons

Depending on the car brand, model, and version, the number and location of control buttons vary. But in general, most cars have some of the following basic functions.

Buttons on the steering wheel

The steering wheel is an important part of the car, integrated with many buttons to adjust the lights and signals, horn, windshield wipers… Usually the steering wheel knob has 3 main positions: OFF, PARKING and ON.

In the center of the steering wheel is a horn that the driver can use in emergencies. However, you should note that you should not overuse car horns in large urban areas because it will cause noise pollution.

Car wiper control levers are no different from other brands. In general, car manufacturers all have MIST, INT, LO positions. Specifically, the wiper control buttons are located on the right side behind the steering wheel.

  • MIST: Fog wiper mode – wipe at a fast speed until the lever is released.
  • INT: Slow and intermittent wiping mode.
  • LO: Slow wiping mode.
  • OFF: Turn off the lever.
  • HI: Quick wipe mode.
  • Auto: Automatic wiping mode.

To turn on, off or change wiper modes, you just need to push up or down according to the corresponding position of each symbol printed on the lever.

Gear shift lever

The trend in cars today is to equip gearshift paddles. Normally, the position of this button is located behind the steering wheel to help the driver easily use and adjust up and down without taking his hands off the steering wheel.

The function of the gear shift lever helps the driver temporarily change from automatic transmission to manual mode. Specifically, when the gear lever is in D, the driver just needs to pull the gear shift lever, manual mode will be activated and the selected number will be displayed on the gear indicator light on the dashboard.

You need to pay attention, the symbol “-” decreases the number, “+” increases the number.

Button on the gear lever

The gear lever is the part that probably has the most complicated buttons on a car. Manual transmission cars and automatic transmission cars will have many differences.

But basically, you just need to remember the following:

  • For manual transmission vehicles: Neutral gear 0; Multi-level progressive numbers are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…; reverse gear is R.
  • For automatic vehicles: Neutral gear 0, forward gear D, reverse gear R, parking P.

In general, automatic transmission cars are usually not as complicated as manual transmission cars, but they will be quite difficult to use for middle-aged drivers because this type was introduced quite late.

Button to open the fuel tank cap

The fuel tank cap opening lever is usually symbolized by the gas column, located in the outer corner below the dashboard of the driver’s seat. To open the tank cap, you must pull the opening lever and then go to the fuel tank filler door to open and turn the cap.

During the screwing process, if you make a farting sound, you need to wait for this sound to stop before twisting again to open the lid.

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Hood opening button

The button to open the hood is located in the outer corner below the driver’s seat dashboard. You just need to find the button shaped like a car to open the hood.

To open the hood, first pull the opening lever and push the opening lever on the hood and lift the hood. Once you’re done, just lower the hood and give it a hard push. Imagine this process is similar to opening the seat cover of a motorbike.

Hands-free calling button

Using a phone while driving a car has many potential risks of causing accidents. Therefore, the talk button on cars was born to help drivers not be distracted while making phone calls. This button has the symbol of a phone and is located on the steering wheel.

Lock button, opens main door

Many people who first use a car are often confused about unlocking or locking the car door. Many people struggle for a long time to find this button. This button is usually located in the control button cluster located on the driver’s side of the door. The symbol is an open/locked lock.

Air conditioner turn on button

The button on the car AC is the on/off button for the car’s air conditioning system, the abbreviation for Air Conditioner. The air conditioning control panel is usually located right in the middle of the dashboard or you can find it in the central entertainment screen.

Typically, this control panel has basic buttons to remember as follows:

  • A/C button: This is the button to turn on/off the air conditioner
  • Mode: Controls the mode
  • Auto button: Button to adjust automatic air conditioning mode
  • Internal air intake button
  • Outside air intake button
  • Fan mode control button
  • Temperature control button
  • All buttons are represented by relevant symbols for users to easily distinguish.

Danger warning button

If you see a red triangle button, placed in the middle of the dashboard, this is the danger warning button on the car. When this button is pressed, the hazard warning lights will be turned on to warn other vehicles of danger ahead or in a dangerous car that needs help.

Engine start/stop button

Modern cars today are equipped with Engine start/stop buttons and smartkeys instead of traditional keys.

This button is effective in cases such as:

  • Step on the brake and press the button: Turn on the starter motor.
  • Do not pedal quickly, just press the button: Turn on the engine but do not start, only start the vehicle’s electrical system.
  • Shift the gear lever to P and press the button: Engine turns off, steering wheel locks, vehicle’s electrical system turns off.
  • The gear lever does not go to P and press the button: The engine turns off but the vehicle’s electrical system still operates.

Driver’s seat adjustment button

The driver’s seat adjustment button will be located on the left side of each car seat. The basic functions are to raise, lower, move forward, backward, and recline. With luxury cars, there are more seat adjustment functions. You can adjust it manually or electrically as you like to comfortably sit.

Electronic handbrake

Many cars today are equipped with an electronic brake function to replace the mechanical handbrake. Functions are completely automatically controlled. The driver just needs to move the gear lever to P, the handbrake system will automatically activate.

The automatic handbrake button is symbolized by the capital letter P, located in a circle. This button is usually located near the gear lever or on the dashboard. In dangerous situations such as the vehicle climbing a hill, the driver can use this button.

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Use some other control buttons that need to be known

In addition to the must-know car buttons, you should also know more advanced buttons such as:

Cruise Control cruise control

This button helps the driver to automatically maintain the speed that the driver has set without having to step on the accelerator or control the steering wheel. Furthermore, modern cars also have the Adaptive Cruise Control feature – Automatically adjusts speed to maintain the safest distance from the vehicle ahead.

The location of this button is usually in the control cluster to the right of the steering wheel. The main button identification symbol is CRUISE.

Adjust the outside/inside rearview mirrors

Most cars today are equipped with smart electric adjustment function in the rearview mirror. This function will work when the vehicle’s ignition is ON. The location of this button is located in the control button cluster located on the driver’s door.

You will see two buttons labeled L and R to adjust the mirror left or right. After turning left or right, you will continue to adjust the mirror up or down with the MIRROR button. In addition, you need to note that in the mirror adjustment cluster there is an electric folding button. When you press this button, the rearview mirror will automatically fold inward.

With the center rearview mirror, if you want to adjust it, you just need to turn on the lever below the mirror. Swipe up to see during the day, swipe down to reduce glare when driving at night.

Lane keeping assist system

Another button that drivers need to grasp to limit fines when participating in traffic is LKA (Lane Keeping Assist System) – The system supports lane maintenance and corrects the vehicle when it veers off. out of the lane or proactively keep the vehicle in the correct lane.

The button is usually located on the gear lever or control button cluster to the right of the steering wheel. To use this feature, you just need to turn on LKA, symbolized by the image of a car traveling in the lane. Once enabled, this feature will notify a yellow light.

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