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Instructions on How to Replace Car Wipers at Home for All Car Makes

Car wipers are a part that cleans dirt and rainwater from the car’s windshield. Over time, wiper blades will wear out and become damaged. Therefore, replacing windshield wipers is very important. So how often do wiper blades need to be replaced? What are the signs of broken wipers? How to replace car wipers? All will be revealed soon.

Instructions on How to Replace Car Wipers at Home for All Car Makes
Instructions on How to Replace Car Wipers at Home for All Car Makes

How often should car wipers be replaced?

The wiper is an important part of the car, consisting of 3 main parts and is constantly affected by UV rays, environmental factors, dirt, pollution, friction… so the wiper degrades very quickly after one period of use.

According to experts, wipers should be replaced every 6 to 12 months. Because Vietnam is a country with a tropical climate, characterized by a lot of heat and rain, causing the wipers to work a lot and break quickly such as worn, torn, hardened, warped blades…

In fact, many people often wait until the lever stops working or is seriously degraded before replacing it. This is a risk that should not be followed because it can cause insecurity.

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Signs of broken car wipers?

Before understanding how to replace car wipers, you need to know some more signs that the wipers are seriously degraded and need to be maintained or replaced immediately:

The wiper creates streaks and the glass becomes blurred

This sign is common and easy to recognize that the wiper has been degraded. The reason is that the wiper blade is worn out, hardened, and has a lot of dirt stuck to it, so the surface is no longer as smooth and clear as before.

Not wiping the water clean

Two wiper blades are designed separately to clear water from the windshield. If the driver finds that the wipers do not remove all the water, they need to check this part again. The cause may be due to the rubber blade pad being cracked or broken and not sticking to the glass surface.

The wiper makes an unpleasant sound

During the lever movement, if you hear a squeaking sound, it is likely that the spring and screw in the lever system have been oxidized. At that time, the rain rod just cried and did not clean the water.

The wiper blade is worn out

Depending on time and level of use, the lifespan of the wiper blade will vary. New wiper blades are usually very soft, flexible, and smooth, but when worn, they are often very hard and torn…

The lever is rusted

Wipers that are rusted and have yellow fluid leaking out mean that the wipers are seriously degraded and need to be replaced immediately.

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Instructions on how to simply replace car wipers at home

The steps to replace windshield wipers are simple, quick, and easy that any driver can do:

Step 1: Determine the position that needs to be replaced on the windshield wiper. If any part above is damaged, replace it at that location. In case the lever is bent, warped, or deformed, you can replace it with a new one.

Step 2 : Prepare wipers for rainwater and car dirt that are suitable for the old wipers: You can check the length of the wiper blade or you just need to state the type of car you are using and the staff will give you specific advice.

Step 3 : Use your hand to squeeze the latch button and remove the old car lever.

Step 4 : Use a soft cloth to clean the windshield and the area around the windshield wipers.

Step 5 : Install the new wiper arm in the exact position where you just removed the old wiper and adjust it so that the new wiper arm is tilted along the windshield.

After replacing your car’s windshield wipers, you also need to pay attention to the following things:

  • After replacing, try turning on the wiper to check if the position of the wiper and blade are correct.
  • Wipers must be cleaned regularly to ensure the working performance of this part.
  • When the wiper blade is bent or warped, it needs to be adjusted to limit scratches on the glass surface.

So we have shared with you how to replace car wipers and the signs of serious deterioration. Hopefully this article will help you in replacing the lever at home, saving time and money.

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