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Should you cover the underbody of your car and what you need to know

Protecting the vehicle’s underbody from the intrusion of mud, soil, sand, and water is extremely important. Many people ask whether they should cover the underbody of their car to avoid negative effects from the environment. To know the answer, please follow the article below !

Should you cover the underbody of your car and what you need to know
Should you cover the underbody of your car and what you need to know

Should you cover the undercarriage of your car or not? When do you need to cover the car’s underbody?

Coating the underbody of a car is the use of special chemicals to spray the entire vehicle frame to combat the harmful effects of oxidation, dust, mud, and water. It can be said that covering the car’s underbody is something that should be done right after buying the car.

According to experts, the best time to paint the underbody is when you first buy a car because the underbody is not yet corroded by rust. Not only that, the underbody painting process is also much simpler and faster than other cars.

Here are some benefits of underbody coating that you need to know:

  • Limiting rust and corrosion of the chassis and chassis: The chassis coating material is composed of a high amount of anti-rust and anti-corrosion agent that can prevent oxygen from reaching the metal, limiting the condition of machine parts being oxidized. chemistry. From there, car owners can feel secure when traveling on flooded or muddy roads.
  • Limit heat absorption from the road surface : Heat is absorbed into the car not only through the car’s roof and windows, but also from the road surface. Painting the underbody will limit hot air from entering the vehicle compartment.
  • Highly effective sound insulation and noise protection: Car underbody coating also helps seal gaps. From there, it prevents noise from entering the vehicle compartment.
  • Increase the durability of the car’s underbody : Painting the car’s underbody not only protects the beauty of the car, but it also increases the life value of the car. The coating will protect the underbody of the car like new.

With a not too high cost but extremely great benefits, car underbody coating is being chosen by many car owners.

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Some things to know when covering the underbody of a car

In addition to wondering whether or not to cover the car’s underbody, car owners also need to pay attention to the following issues:

Which type of car underbody coating is worth the most money?

On the market, there are many types of underbody paint, but you should choose reputable paints from famous brands such as:

  • 3M underbody paint : Made in the US, has good elasticity, has the ability to reduce noise, reduce impact and is very durable.
  • Liqui Moly underbody paint : Originated from Germany, made from synthetic resin, dries very quickly, adheres very well on many surfaces and has good noise protection.
  • Wurth underbody paint : Originated from Germany, made from plastic – rubber so the adhesion is strong, reducing vibration and noise well.
  • Forch underbody paint : Continuing to be a brand from Germany, the main ingredient is plastic – synthetic rubber so it is extremely abrasion resistant, dries quickly, and effectively reduces noise.

You should consult experts and technicians before spraying the car’s underbody to understand the detailed advantages and disadvantages of each type of paint.

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